Vacuum Tubing
O.D. Gauge Industrial Vacuum Tubing / Part Numbers
Carbon Galvanized Aluminum Stainless
1-1/2 16 16WT150C 16WT150Z 16ST150A 16WT150S
2 16 16WT200C 16WT200Z 16SWT200A 16WT200S
2 11 11WT200C 11WT200Z 11ST200A 11WT200S
2-1/8 16 16WT212C 16WT212Z 16ST212A 16WT212S
2-1/8 11 11WT212C 11WT212Z 11ST212A 11WT212S
2-1/2 16 16WT250C 16WT250Z 16ST250A 16WT250S
2-1/2 11 11WT250C 11WT250Z 11ST250A 11WT250S
3 16 16WT300C 16WT300Z 16ST300A 16WT300S
3 11 11WT300C 11WT300Z 11ST300A 11WT300S
3-1/2 16 16WT350C 16WT350Z 16ST350A 16WT350S
3-1/2 11 11WT350C 11WT350Z 11ST350A 11WT350S
4 16 16WT400C 16WT400Z 16ST400A 16WT400S
4 11 11WT400C 11WT400Z 11ST400A 11WT400S
4-1/2 11 11WT450C NA 11ST450A 11WT450S
5 11 11WT500C 11WT500Z 11ST500A 11WT500S
5 14 14WT500C 14WT500Z 14ST500A 14WT500S
6 11 11WT600C 11WT600Z 11ST600A 11WT600S
6 14 14WT600C 14WT600Z 14ST600A 14WT600S
8 11 11WT800C 11WT800Z 11ST800A 11WT800S
8 14 14WT800C 14WT800Z 14ST800A 14WT800S
10 12 12WT1000C 12WT1000Z 12ST1000A 12WT1000S
12 12 12WT1200C 12WT1200Z NA 12WT1200S
14 12 12WT1400C 12WT1400Z NA 12WT1400S

All of our industrial vacuum tubing is rated for a full vacuum.
Process industrial vacuum tubing for pneumatic conveying
systems, central vacuum systems, pressure blower systems
for waste management, and other industrial applications.
Vacuum tubing is available in 16 gauge, 14 gauge, and 11
gauge thicknesses up to 8 inch outside diameter.
We offer 12 gauge thickness above 8 inch OD.
Standard industrial vacuum tubing lengths are 20 feet.
However, we do offer vacuum tubing cut to any length.
There is a cutting charge associated with any cut lengths of tubing.
Also, cutting vacuum tubing to length will delay the shipping
process because the order has to be entered into production.
All carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel
industrial vacuum tubing is seam welded, but conforms
to our roundness standards. The aluminum industrial
vacuum tubing is seamless tubing. Stainless industrial vacuum
tubing is made out 304 stainless steel grade material.