Industrial Vacuum System Piping

Industrial Vacuum Tubing Lengths

Tubing (O.D.) from 16 Ga. to 11 Ga.
Piping  ( I.D.) Schedule 10, 40 and 80

Long Radius Bends

Bends custom bent in many radius
dimensions in both pipe and tubing

Standard Elbows

Short  radius  bends  in  light  wall  only
Available in “expanded end” and “plain end”

TYs, YLs, DTYs, DYLS & D90Ys

TY’s  and  Y’s   available in  light  wall  only
Laterals (Utility Y’s) light wall and heavy wall

Valves Inlet

Inlet Valves, butterfly valves, escutcheon plates,
floor valves, hose adapters

Special Adapters 

Male and Female Adapters,
Straight, 45° and 90° Adapter Elbows

Pipe Couplings

Shrink sleeves and slip couplings  for light wall
Compression couplings for heavy wall systems